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If you have a question about one of my WordPress Plugins, you can post your question the comments.


12 Responses to WordPress Plugins

  1. stevebunyan says:

    Does “HumansNotBots – Easy, Accessible Email Cloaker” plugin to work with .co.uk email addresses?

  2. Zing-Ming says:

    Yes. You would have to use the form:

    user AT somewhere.co DOT uk

  3. stevebunyan says:

    That’s great; thank you and have a great day! Steve

  4. Just noticed that within a widget, HumansNotBots doesn’t show any text above the cloaked email address. Text below the email address shows fine. Bug perhaps?

  5. Zing-Ming says:

    I thought this was fixed in the latest version. Which widget and theme did you use?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Indeed, seems to be working now with the latest version installed. The theme was custom, though nothing fancy and the widget was the text widget with ‘Automatically add paragraphs’ turned on. At the time, I think turning on ‘add paragraphs’ was the problem. It was 8 months ago so I don’t remember the exact situation. Either way, problem resolved. Thanks for getting back to this.

  7. Michael Rock says:

    It used to work, but with the new version all that shows up is mike AT websthatrock DOT com. I tried both innerhtml and walk the DOM in the settings. I have WordPress 3.3.1.

  8. Zing-Ming says:

    I have just tested it on WordPress 3.3.1, and it works for me. Does it work if you disable all other plugins?

  9. Ulrich says:

    I would appreciate to read another text instead the email address.
    Like Please send a message
    This does not work at my site.
    Wordpress 3.3.2

  10. Zing-Ming says:

    Ulrich, I thought about that feature, but I could not think of how that would appear if seen using a screen reader. For example, if we have something like “Like Please send a message (info AT company DOT de)”, how would we signify the start and end of the link, which should start with the word “Please” and not “Like”?

  11. Simon says:

    Just thought I’d let you know what a great plugin this is. I’ve just had a problem that it seems to conflict with WP Minify, but if I switch that off, everything seems ok, so I have just switched to another minifying system.

  12. Zing-Ming says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

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