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My inner child thinks I am a sniper.

My inner child believes that I can shoot guns accurately with no training. After my American uncle explained how to line up the gun, I shot the bullseye. This target was shared between four people. I hit the bullseye twice. … Continue reading

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Mister Rogers Remixed & Autotuned

By Symphony of Science’s John Boswell for PBS Digital Studios

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Still Not A Player / The Boy Is Mine remix

I finally figured out how to mix songs together. I used Audacity, a free, open source audio editing program. When I was younger, a friend (Tina) thought that Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player” and Brandy/Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” … Continue reading

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Productivity Protip: RedFlagDeals + Google Alerts

If you want to wait for an item to go on sale, but you don’t want to waste your life on, you can create a Google Alert to automate the act of finding deals applicable to Canadians. Benefit from … Continue reading

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Easy JavaScript Colour Gradients

RainbowVis-JS is JavaScript library I wrote for colour data visualization. Easily map numbers to a smooth-transitioning colour legend. Mappings Default 0 -> #ff0000 10 -> #ff4d00 20 -> #ff9900 30 -> #ffe500 40 -> #ccff00 50 -> #80ff00 60 -> … Continue reading

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My grandmother was a diva.

Rebecca Liang 1924-2012 My grandma dressed in fashionable Western clothes and wore her hair in a beehive during the 1960s. She spent her income on chocolates and countless pairs of silk stockings, silk stockings being a luxury item at the … Continue reading

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Best Monospace Font

Here are my top four monospace fonts displaying “In 100 years, Gates and Jobs will be forgotten, but Torvalds’ name will live on.” 1. Consolas I first noticed this font when looking at my friend’s printed Java code before a … Continue reading

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